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Dublin Labour TD and Vice Chair of the Oireachtas Transport Committee Sean Kenny has welcomed details of €1.4 million in capital funding for Howth Harbour intended to provide improvements.

Flagship projects in the 2016 Fishery Harbour and Coastal Infrastructure Capital Programme that will be rolled out across the country include the provision of €400,000 for dedicated ferry pontoons on the West Pier in Howth as well as the preparatory work for significant potential projects, including €300,000 worth of electric works also on the West Pier.

"Howth will be getting funding of €150,000 to deal with traffic management works, €50,000 will be assigned to repairs on the East Pier, provision of berthing Face on the Middle Pier will have €100,000 allocated to it, the Engineers Office will get €50,000 in funding, preperation work for the Dumping at Sea licence will get €100,000, the gas mains around the harbour, will have €150,000 allocated and another €150,000 will be allocated to services such as sewers, ducts and watermains. All told, the full value of funding for Howth Harbour will come to just over €1.4M."

"I am very pleased at the news of this funding as it will continue to support Local Authorities in their efforts to maintain and develop the fishery harbour network, of which Howth is an important part, to provide much needed facilities for marine focussed communities."

"This year's programme is significant on a number of fronts, firstly it provides for the continuation of this Governments strategy to develop and improve the facilities at our fishery harbours in 2016. Secondly it prepares the groundwork for potential projects in the coming years all of which will benefit the fishing industry, seafood processing sector, other ancillary marine industries."