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Seán Kenny, the Dublin Bay North Labour Party TD and member of the Oireachtas Committee on Justice, has welcomed the securing of criminal convictions against two landlords who failed to register their tenancies, despite a number of statutory notices and warning letters instructing them to do so. The two were fined a total of €24,300 in fines and cost.

"These cases can be seen as an escalation of the Private Residential Tenancies Board's (PRTB) mandate to maintain a register of registered private tenancies. One landlord in Wexford was convicted for failing to register his property in which a rental tenancy existed. The court fined the landlord €3,000 and awarded €3,075 in legal costs against him - a total of €6,075. Another landlord in Tipperary was convicted in respect of his failure to register three separate tenancies. The court fined this landlord €3,000 for each unregistered tenancy. Costs of €3,075 for each case were also awarded against him. The total in costs and fines amounted to €18,225."

"I warmly welcome these convictions as they demonstrate that the PRTB is taking action against landlords who fail to carry out their duties under the law. This despite being given ample warning to comply and for a huge amount of money less than the penalties handed down to each of the landlords. I also welcome the news that the Board has confirmed that a further 22 cases will be brought before the Courts in the coming months for failing to register tenancies with them."

"The PRTB's access to the Department of Social Protection Rent Supplement database has proved hugely beneficial. New ICT software rolled out in 2011 has enabled the PRTB to systematically track unregistered landlords whose tenants are in receipt of Rent Supplement payments and I want to commend Minister Burton and Minister O'Sullivan for ensuring their departments are working together in this regard."

"Landlords are legally obliged to register all tenancies with the Board. Registration fees apply. Since 1st January 2011 the fee is €90 per tenancy, a late fee applies if not registered within one month of tenancy commencing. Prior to 1 January 2011 the registration fee was €70 per tenancy, with a late fee applying if not registered within one month of tenancy commencing. A landlord, if convicted under the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 for failing to comply with a notice, faces a fine of up to €4,000 and/or six months imprisonment, along with a daily fine of €250 for a continuing offence."