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Dublin Labour TD Sean Kenny has welcomed a further drop in Live Register figures, which show a steady and continuing decline between October 2014 and October of this year.

"The CSO figures for October of 2014 and October of 2015 indicate unemployment continues to fall steadily with the rate dropping to 10.6%. Across the area for which I was elected, Dublin North East, show there were 4005 on the Live Register for the Coolock area in October 2014 and 3602 people in October of this year. In the Kilbarrack area for the same period, there were 4385 on the Live Register in October 2014 and 4017 people on the Live Register in October 2015."

"This is a sizeable drop that is taking place over the period when the recovery in the economy started to become visible, and when it is much clearer and it is very good news. It clearly demonstrates that the pace of economic recovery is getting stronger still and shows that Labour's policies to create jobs are delivering as less people are on the Live Register between this year and last year."

"Having come through a very difficult recession, all of us at Government and at local level must focus on getting unemployed people back to work. There are still unemployment 'blackspots' on the Northside of Dublin which never saw the benefits of the economic boom, and where problems of long-term structural unemployment were never addressed by previous governments. I look forward to continuing to work on the progress that's being made and where possible look at new channels that can lead to jobseekers finding work."