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Sean Kenny, the Vice Chair of the Oireachtas Transport Committee and Dublin Labour TD has welcomed the launch of a public consultation on a major DART service expansion that is being planned for early 2016.

"Continuing passenger growth means that DART services have to be increased and I am very pleased to see this consultation being announced. Draft 2016 schedules for Connolly routes have been published in order to get feedback from rail customers as part of the process."

"Major changes to Connolly services are being proposed in response to what DART users have asked for and these include a major increase in weekday DART frequency from every 15 minutes to every 10 minutes all day long. The DART would also start service at the earlier time 05.50 in the morning from Malahide. Currently the start times are 06.30 and 06.05 from Howth and it is proposed that they start at 05.35 in the morning from Bray - the current start time is 05.40. I am also pleased with the proposal to see DART weekend frequency increased to a consistent level of service every 15 minutes on Saturday and every 20 minutes on Sunday which will go a long way to getting rid of some large gaps in DART schedules."

"Also as part of the proposal, Dublin/Belfast Enterprise would be revised to see a more even interval between services, resulting in some significant changes to departure times and commuter services to Dundalk will also see increased frequency of train services and I would advise train users to take a look at the proposal, which is to continue until Tuesday 8th December and can be seen online at - I think it is a great improvement on current DART and train service levels and should be supported."