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Dublin Bay North Labour TD Sean Kenny has welcomed the announcement of funding of €13.4 million to build 62 new housing units at Bunratty Road in Coolock in Dublin 17.

"I am very happy that Phase 1C of the development on Bunratty Road is going ahead as part of the announcement made today by Minister Alan Kelly. This is the first major direct build social housing programme by local authorities with the kick-starting of over 100 separate housing projects that was announced in the last budget."

"Local authorities submitted applications for this direct building programme and approval was granted to build in just two months. Further assessments will be carried out throughout the rest of the year with some projects requiring planning approval. All will be completed by 2017."

"This is the first major investment in local authority housing for many years. This announcement will see over 1700 housing units delivered over a three year period, creating approximately 300 jobs in construction with all of these projects being assessed in under a two month period. For many years during the celtic tiger, house building was something many local authorities got out of. It has taken time, but with approximately 300 additional housing staff in local authorities, including planners and architects, the funding that is coming on stream, aggressive investment and action is being taken to tackle the housing crisis."

"The Government has made dealing with the housing crisis a top priority and is pumping billions of Euro into building housing units with local authorities building their own units for the first time in a long time. I look forward to seeing them completed as soon as possible and the numbers of people on the housing list start to drop as people move to new homes."