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Dublin Bay North Labour TD Sean Kenny has said that the drop in unemployment figures to below 10% for the first time since the economic crash is hugely encouraging.

"CSO figures for the Quarterly National Household survey released yesterday show 41,300 more people at work in the last year. This figure is comprised of people in full-time jobs to 52,100 and represents a decrease of 10,800 people working in part-time jobs."

"I extremely happy to see these figures, as it means that the Action Plan for Jobs that was set up by the Government during its early days in office, and which I have always supported, is working and is delivering superb results well ahead of schedule. This means that people are going back to work after time spent out of the workforce due to the severity of the economic crash."

"It is no small thing to be able to back to work after being unemployed - it is hugely positive for the worker, but also hugely positive for their families as well, as they are able to flourish once again because the household has a new source of income. This in turn reflects on the local and national economy as that income is then spent on goods and services, and a portion of that income is paid to the State as tax, which can then be spent on public services - so the country as a whole benefits."

"However, 9.9% unemployment is still too high, and of course the Government needs to keep working hard at delivering new jobs for people to take up. I know the Government will be doing this work, and I will be supporting them in that."