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Dublin Bay North Labour TD and Oireachtas Communications Committee member Sean Kenny has welcomed the formal announcement of the new Postcode Management Licence Holder (PMLH), following the signing of the contract with Capita Ireland.

"This announcement will start the process of the design, encoding and roll-out of the new national postcode, which is due to be launched in 2015. It will be the first postal system in the world that will use a postcode as a unique identifier for each and every address in Ireland."

"A publicly-owned postcode system is a hugely important piece of national infrastructure in the digital world of today. Having one in place will be of public benefit to ordinary people and businesses in terms of how they can avail of public services and business transactions."

"Over 35% of households in Ireland are without a unique name or number in their address, which results in problems for delivery of goods and services. It will be possible for An Post and other delivery companies who are delivering parcels to use the new postcode system to quickly identify the location of a single house set in the countryside or an apartment."

"Emergency services will also benefit, by being able to use the unique identifier to ensure fast and accurate location of incidents, resulting in the best possible response for those who need help."

"I am very excited to see this development - it is good for society, and it is good for the economy as well."