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Dublin Bay North TD Sean Kenny has welcomed the announcement by Minister for Housing and Planning, Jan O'Sullivan that the Cabinet has approved progressive changes in the private rental sector.

"Minister O'Sullivan has told me that her initiative for a deposit protection scheme, which will see an independent operator holding and returning tenant deposits, and her initiative for strengthened provisions against anti-social behaviour in the private rented sector have been given the green light by Government. This means that the changes inserted into the Residential Tenancies Bill which is now going through the Seanad."

"I am delighted at this news. Disputes over the return of deposits are the source of a very large number of complaints in private rented sector dwellings - this significant change being introduced means that a functional and independent scheme that holds and manage deposits will be in operation, and will function in a way that is fair to all will be in operation."

"I have also been informed by Minister O'Sullivan that approval by the Government was also granted for changes to the Residential Tenancies Legislation to allow for enhanced provisions against anti-social behaviour. These changes will give an explicit right to residents associations or neighbourhood watch groups to bring complaints to the Private Residential Tenancies Board. Another amendment removes the requirement for neighbours to raise issues of anti-social behaviour with tenants before taking further action - problems can be taken straight to the landlord of the dwelling before taking cases to the Private Residential Tenancies Board."

"These are very important new changes that give real power to ordinary people who are both renting and living beside residential dwellings that are rented, of which there are increasing numbers. I believe it is very important that our legal system and the regulations governing this area as up to date as possible and as fair to ordinary people as possible, and I want to congratulate Minister O'Sullivan for her hard work in this area."