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Sean Kenny, the Dublin Bay North Labour TD and member of the Oireachtas Transport Committee has welcomed several new local funding initatives that cover the area of transport that are of interest to pedestrians road users and cyclists.

"Minister Alan Kelly has been doing a great job in the Department of Transport when it comes to public transport initiatives and it is largely down to his hard work that these projects are getting such a substantial level of funding."

"The S2S Cycle/Walkway Scheme, which goes from Sutton to Sandycove on the Southside, will finally see the tender and commencement of construction of the "missing link" between Bull Road and Causeway Road (in Clontarf) along the northern section of the S2S (Sutton to Sandycove) cycle and walking route. This project will be funded to the extent of €1,000,000 and will be integrated with flood defence and watermain works. On a related note, there has been €150,000 of funding granted to allow for the preliminary planning and detailed design of high quality cycle route to connect from the S2S cycle route in Clontarf all the way to Talbot Street."

"I'm delighted to confirm funding for these two projects, which will provide this stretch of the Northside of Dublin into a great new facility for cyclists. The new route will be ideal for recreation purposes, providing an outlet for cyclists and walkers in the area. The missing link aspect between Bull Road and Causeway Road will finally provide a link for cyclists who will no longer have to use the main road."

"Importantly, there will also be improvements to the Hole in the Wall Road, with funding of €175,000 for the construction of improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and buses on the northern approach to the roundabout."

"There will also be a couple of projects undertaken in the North Fringe - €40,000 has been provided for North Fringe Pedestrian and Cycle Links to Clare Hall will allow for the construction of a link for pedestrians and cyclists to from new housing which will add to the local community and there is also funding of €10,000 for the North Fringe Temporary School Link, which will allow for construction of a link for pedestrians and cyclists to temporary school just off the Hole In the Wall Rd."

"Some of these schemes are small, but will add greatly to local communities and they are just as important as the schemes which attract higher funding and more attention. It is often the small pieces of funding that make the difference to a local community and the NTA grants that have been announced do just that."