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Dublin Bay North Labour TD Seán Kenny has said he is pleased to hear that the development of the Pyrite Remediation Scheme is progressing satisfactorily and this week welcomed the website to inform homeowners and the general public of the outline of the scheme. This is a significant first step in putting in place an effective remediation programme.

"The website summarises the scope of the scheme, the qualification criteria and the various steps involved in the remediation process. It also provides answers to questions that have been raised by homeowners and their representatives. Importantly, it includes an information leaflet for homeowners on how to identify significant pyritic damage and on the steps involved in the assessment of such damage. Generally it will provide affected homeowners with sufficient knowledge and direction to enable them to consider if they will qualify and what steps they can now be taking to avail of the scheme."

"Visitors to the website can register their interest and will be notified when applications go live. The aim is to have the application system available in July and that remediation programmes would be commenced later in the year. Meanwhile a dedicated phone line (1890 252842) will be available for questions and an email service is also provided ( The website will be updated as the scheme is further developed."

"The qualification criteria are largely based on the conclusions and recommendations of the Pyrite Panel report of June 2012. Dwellings affected by pyrite heave have been identified in the local authority areas of Fingal and Dublin City in houses or apartments built since 1997 and predominantly in the period 2002 to 2007. The scheme applies where homeowners have no other viable form of redress open to them. It will not apply to dwellings that have not been sold and occupied. The scheme will be kept under review by the Board."

"Significant damage caused by pyritic heave must be established through the methodology established in a recently published NSAI standard, I.S. 398:2013. Prior to application, the homeowner will be required to have a building condition assessment carried by a competent professional. This is largely based on a visual inspection and report which establishes the required damage threshold. Following submission of a valid application, sample testing of the underfloor hardcore will be carried out and evaluated to confirm that significant damage was caused by pyritic heave. The cost of the initial assessment will be recouped, subject to a maximum limit, if the subsequent confirmation is certified."

"The remediation programme will be carried out under the direction of the Pyrite Resolution Board by a not-for-profit company, being established by three construction industry organisations; Irish Concrete Federation, Construction Industry Federation and HomeBond, who have each nominated two directors. Mr. Jim Farrell, Managing Director, Roadstone Wood Ltd. will chair the new company, now named "Pyremco"."

"Consideration of a Memorandum of Agreement between the Pyrite Resolution Board and Pyremco is underway, while the necessary operating system specification is in development. It is intended that all applications will be submitted online and that all operations will be handled electronically. This will facilitate tracking for applicants and optimise communications and efficiency at all stages of the process."