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Dublin North East Labour Party TD Seán Kenny, has today welcomed the announcement that a full-time Business Development Manager is to be appointed to the Coolock Enterprise Centre under the Community Enterprise Development Programme.

"I have been informed by Minister Bruton, the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, that a Business Development Managers will be appointed as part of a €2million programme aimed at protecting and growing businesses in the community, the announced today. The announcement relates to a key commitment under Action Plan for Jobs 2012."

"The Minister also informed me that his Department has forecast an increase of almost 50% in terms of the jobs created in Coolock Enterprise Centre. The person appointed will play a key role in making this forecast a reality - they will be responsible for managing the Community Enterprise Centre, and will be responsible for facilitating and providing training programmes for companies in Community Enterprise Centres, and then ensuring that the companies in the centre are in a position to branch out and work on their own. The overall plan is to support an increase in the number of companies in Coolock, which will boost the local economy by creating jobs and stimulate spending locally. This will help economic growth in Dublin North East, which in turn will help economic growth nationally."

"I am confident that this appointment will have a significant impact in driving the continued success of the Community Enterprise Centre in Coolock. Experience in other parts of the country shows that business development managers in the Community Enterprise Centres have a track record of maintaining and creating the employment numbers of the tenants in the centres, facilitating and providing training programmes for the companies in the centres, facilitating companies to move out from the centre and operate on their own once their employment levels rise, co-operating with business development stakeholders such as local businesses, Dublin City Council and collaborating with other community enterprise centres in the wider area."